Saturday 18 April, 2020 - Friday 24 April, 2020

A retreat to purify, activate and elevate your energy potential.

Join us for a week of energy healing and powerful energy activation.

Step into your soul purpose.

Our blessing for this experience is to purify, activate and elevate your energy potential so that you can leave this retreat feeling like you are aligned and fully EMBODY your purpose.

All workshops will be focused on raising the vibration of your energy body.

We will work with your Chakras, Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra and discuss how meditation can raise your cellular health.

So much more will be left for surprise!  You can also expect excursions, time at the beach, sacred gifts!  

Are you ready to join us?!  We await your presence, for so much of this energetic activation comes from the sacred community we build between you beautiful souls that the universe has PURPOSEFULLY pulled together.

Their will be no mistake in your PRESENCE here! 

You will experience daily yoga sessions, offered every morning and evening.

Wake the body each morning with a divine yoga flow, activating your body and mind, generating a vibrant flow of energy.

Each evening you will close out the day with a Yin Yoga practice; turning inward, honouring your mind, body and soul.

Practice yoga surrounded by nature; with the calls of the toucans, howler monkeys, and dance with the morpho butterflies.   Tune into the natural cycles and integrate with your surroundings.


  • 5 night accommodation at a lush, tropical retreat center
  • 3 high vibration, nourishing meals a day made with fresh, local ingredients + a coffee and tea bar
  • 2 daily yoga session (a morning flow practice and evening yin)
  • Daily healing workshops to eliminate toxic blocks and traumas and raise your energy
  • 1 Sound Healing journey with Kady Taylor of Synergy Retreats
  • 1 Yoga Nidra session with Chantal Houde
  • Afternoons free to lounge at the salt water pool, explore the river, waterfalls and beaches
  • 2-3 planned local excursions
  • 1 water ceremony to purify blocks that are no longer serving your purpose
  • Chakra work and crystal selection
  • 1 new moon fire ceremony to set intentions as you move forward into your purpose
  • Air Conditioning and WIFI
  • All the special details, surprises and friendships that will contribute to a truly sacred and transformational experience


  • Your flight
  • Transportation to and from Synergy (we are happy to help you arrange this!)
  • Additional excursions

About your Host

Meg Williams

My mission is to offer a practice that brings you to a place of stillness. When you step onto your mat, you return to YOUR FULL ESSENCE. In your flow, you will connect with each movement, experience each breath, find stillness and calm so that your intuition can ring clear. Through your practice, through your movements alone, you will set intentions to lead you down your Dharmic path, to ALIGN. My purpose in my teaching is so YOU will leave feeling energetically uplifted, with CLARITY and PURPOSE. I received my training at a beautiful jungle retreat center in Pavones, Costa Rica in 2015. I think in this experience, the deep connection with the jungle and it’s immense vibrations has been hardwired into my existence, and it’s now part of my mission to instill the same for you! I’ve been teaching for 5 years and acquired 500 hrs of teaching experience, and counting. I specialize in Yin and Meditation and am currently furthering my teaching skills by pursuing my Breathwork Training. The breath is such an integral part of the practice, and I believe it alone can hold so much power in our healing. In 2016, my husband and I opened a studio, Laughing Falcon Yoga, in our small hometown in Canada, and happily built a thriving community for 2 years. The laughing falcon is native to Costa Rica and it’s spirit represents Freedom, Movement and Self-Discovery; I truly believe that is the essence of your practice, always with a healthy dose of Laughter. We decided to close the doors so that we could take our teachings to a global capacity, and here you find me today, inviting you to join us in Uvita, Costa Rica, where it all began!


Shared Occupancy

$2,000 USD

Single Occupancy

$2,400 USD

Early Bird Pricing Available until January 31, 2020

Shared Accommodation ~ $1750 USD
Private Accommodation ~ $2150 USD 
~  $250 savings  ~

Payment Options

~ PayPal
~ E-Transfer

Payment Plans

~ Payment In Full
~Instalment Plan
Shared Accommodations:
4 x $500 USD, original $500 non-refundable, 
Private Accommodations: 
4 x $600 USD, original $600 non-refundable

Please contact Meg at laughingfalconyoga@gmail.com for More Information & to Reserve your Spot!

Facebook: facebook.com/meg.lou.5050
Instagram handle: #megwilliams1