Thursday 02 April, 2020 - Thursday 09 April, 2020

Join Ryan the Wellness Warrior for a 7 day mind, body & soul rejuvenation in the jungles of Costa Rica where you will be guided through a deep cellular cleanse and regeneration by working with various healing and detoxification protocols designed to optimize, upgrade and alchemize your being in a multidimensional way taking your health and vitality to the next level. This process will enable you to let go and release layers of dis-ease within the body, both physical and energetic and will give us the power and strength to reach our highest potential and achieve radiant health and longevity by creating homeostasis and balance within our being.

What is included in this experience?

  • Full Liver & Gallbladder flush protocol
  • Detox kit gift package*
  • Daily juices, smoothies & elixirs
  • Herbal medicines & superfoods
  • Coffee enema therapy
  • Skin & lymphatic detox modalities
  • IV elixir therapy
  • Waterfall excursions & nature immersions
  • Daily yoga & breathwork sessions
  • Essential oil & plant essence therapy
  • Temezcal sweatlodge
  • Sacred fire ceremonies
  • Sound healing musical therapy
  • Shamanic aura purification rites
  • Daily workshops and talks
  • Thai massage (optional)
*Detox kit includes (enema bag, neti pot, dry skin brush, tounge scraper, supergreens powder)

Why is this experience for you?

Are you feeling like your health needs a REBOOT? A reset! A fresh start!!! Are you Feeling stuck, sluggish and not quite waking up with the energy you used to before? Is your skin breaking out or your digestion is playing up? Feeling like your body just needs a massive detox? Or perhaps you are already feeling amazing and want to take your health and wellness to a whole another level of purification and alignment?
FULL BODY DETOX COURSE is the answer! During this process you will learn and apply many many different tools and techniques you need to clean and regenerate your body temple! Through this experience you will undergo a FULL BODY DETOX and successfully cleanse your Liver, kidneys, colon, skin and lungs – resulting in a purification of the mind, and a recalibration of spirit!
This is a multidimensional approach to health and wellness!

What protocols are on offer?

1. The Liver & Gallbladder flush.

The Liver & Gallbladder flush is one of the most powerful ways to your detoxify the body, improve energy levels and regain overall health and vitality. By cleansing the liver/gallbladder of gallstones and toxins it dramatically optimizes and upgrades multitudes of bodily functions, resulting in clear skin, improved digestion, clearer detoxification pathways and a more sharp and focused mind. We will be preparing the liver for the first 5 says before we reach the actual day of flush we drink an olive oil and citrus juice concoction which triggers a massive purge of bile into the small intestine resulting in a deep cleansing of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

2. Coffee Enema therapy

The coffee enema is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse and detoxify the liver. The alkaloids found in coffee help the liver to produce glutathione (which is known as the ‘master detoxifier), this potent antioxidant assists greatly in the bodies own cleaning process. Coffee also helps the liver to release bile (which carries out toxins) and alkalizes intestinal tract. There are also further benefits of an added colon cleanses too within this procedure.

3. Skin & lymphatic cleansing

‍During this process we will use daily dry skin brushing techniques to help remove dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system to release stagnation. These techniques will be synergized with practices such as rebounding and gua sha (an ancient Chinese healing modality to get rid of any inflammation stuck within the cells.

4. Herbal medicines & elixirs

To assist the liver/gallbladder and kidneys in our cleanse we will bring in the assistance of of plant allays to give our bodies extra support and medicinal properties. During this retreat we will use various medicines from the amazon such as Chanca piedra and uña de gato – world renown kidney and liver healer and also medicines from the European pharmacopeia such as dandelion and & milk thistle. We will be taking daily tonics and elixirs to prepare the liver and gallbladder for the flush. Another medicine we will have available is shilajit which is a powerful tonic to remineralize and nourish the body on a profound cellular level.

5. Green juice & coconut water therapy

Every day during this cleansing we will be consuming freshly pressed organic green juices to hydrate with body with Mother Nature’s distilled liquids and nourish our temples with easily assimilated nutrients. These juices will be also helping to prepare the liver for the day of the flush day. Part of this process is creating deep hydration within our bodies and by drinking these juices and elixirs daily we will be saturating our bodies with hydrating and cleanings fluids.

6. Yoga & breathwork

Yoga and breathwork are key components to any detox cleanse. Each day we will begin with a beautifully guided yoga flow to wake up our cells and get our systems flowing well, by creating space within our joints, and loosing up our muscles, ligaments and tendons. Each day we practice a different yoga sequence that are specifically designed to optimize blood flow, stimulate and open our detoxification pathways and strengthen our mind and body creating harmony within our soul. Yoga means union and within this practice we create that divine union within ourselves.
By using the breath we greatly assist the body in the detoxification process. The lungs are actually the bodies primary channel of elimination and by bringing awareness and focused intention to this process we can trigger a powerful release of toxins that accumulate in the blood. Certain breathing techniques that we use also trigger the release of DMT in the pineal gland and create a natural high that will charge us pranic Qi energy from the atmosphere.

7. Hydrotherapy – Waterfall Auric cleansing

Bath and wash your soul in some of Costa Rica’s biggest and most epic waterfalls with the sacred waters of the Diamond valley. We consciously use the waterfalls are tools to connect deeply with Mother Nature, asking for her purification and communicating with the sacred waters to wash away all our impurities, cleansing our auric field of any unwanted energies. Waterfalls are amazing places to do breathwork and are highly charged power vortexes that emit high levels of negative ions – life giving pranic chi energy that we consciously breath in. This triggers a deep purification of the lungs and respiratory system.
8. Meditation & Relaxation . The human body cannot heal and regenerate if it is in constant flight of flight mode and our nervous systems are in the sympathetic mode. By allowing ourselves to deeply relax the body by the use of meditation, gentle yoga and qigong, plus the use of bodywork such as reiki and massage we give our bodies the signal to ‘switch’ to the parasympathetic healing and restorative mode, which signals deep healing and regeneration of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Coming to Rama Organica and basking in the vibrations of deep peace and relaxation, in comfortable jungle cabins immersed in nature, with the songs of the birds and the symphony of the cicadas it makes the detoxification process smooth. Being with the forces of nature make it more conducive to healing, and easier to switch off the monkey mind.

About your Host

Ryan McKenna

Ryan is a health and wellness wizard who embodies ancient knowledge and wisdom, in unison with modernized teachings and techniques to create alchemic medicine to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Fusing together elements of Celtic shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Amazonian plant medicine to create optimized transformative awakening journeys for high dimensional existence. 

Ryan specializes in detoxification land regeneration of the physical organs through sacred healing modalities, nutritional balancing, fasting, qigong and elemental meditational journeys through ceremonial sound and music therapy. Bringing the body forward into balance and harmony, on a multidimensional level, by clearing stagnation and blockages, releasing toxic believe systems, and creating space within ones vessel allow new higher frequencies to enter and prepare the soul to ascend into higher realms of consciousness to embody new earth golden age frequencies. 


From the moment you settle into your boutique eco-luxury suite you’ll instantly be in relaxation mode. Private ensuite bathrooms, luxurious shared bathrooms, quality bedding, and air conditioning will maximize your comfort and guarantee a great night’s sleep!

Shared Accomodation (2-5 GUESTS PER ROOM)

Shared Casita (5 bed dormitory, separate shared bathroom, 2 toilets, 2 showers)


Hamsa & Flower of life (Bunk bed rooms- two people per room, attached bathroom)


Bell Tent (2 people)


Private Suites

$1,999 Individual

$2,555 Two People

Payment Schedule & Cancellation Policy:

50% deposit upon registration – final 50% payment due by the 26th of March.

For 50% refund cancel up to 7 days before the retreat start date.

For more Information and to Reserve your spot please contact:

Ryan at pleiadianpower@gmail.com