Sunday 08 March, 2020 - Saturday 14 March, 2020

Imagine the life you’ve always dreamed of living, with no barriers or boundaries. Imagine a life rich with success and achievement, endless physical vitality, heartfelt personal relationships, and a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Who are you?  

What is your passion?  

What are you here to do?  

What makes your soul happy? 

What you can expect to EXPERIENCE

You will immerse yourself in this lush, tropical environment and escape from the day to day routine into a true hidden paradise tucked away in the Pacific Coast.

Allowing the soothing sounds of the rainforest lull you to sleep and wake up to the calls of howler monkeys; lounge in a hammock on your terrace with views of lush vegetation. Enjoy our fresh, locally sourced food, sip a drink or relax in the outdoor Salt Water pool. Attend 2 daily yoga classes or you can arrange ecological or adventure excursions in the vicinity. 

Less that 3 miles away and just a short drive will get you to the most beautiful beaches on earth!


Practices which merge ancient wisdom with everyday life. Explore the vast & limitless terrain of mind, body & breath through guided techniques that naturally reveal inner peace. Realign with grace to become a conduit for abundance & joy. 


This. Is. Soulfood. Explore the depths of heart & wisdom within the body. Modern science meets traditional teachings as support for living with fierce intent & unbound passion. These will include discussions, practises & take–home materials to facilitate healing on every level. 


Nurturing Costa Rican vibes & richness of spirit creates unforgettable moments to let go & let be. Ample downtime to soak up the beauty that the island has to offer in your own special way. Whether the pool or ocean, reading or writing, spa treatments or exploring sparks your soul… you will be covered!

The goal of this retreat is LASTING CHANGES in all the areas you desire to see a shift in your life and a renewed sense of PASSION as well as a better sense of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS YOUR UNIQUE PURPOSE!! 

Reawaken your most empowered self and return to the call of your heart. Here it is — this is what you have been seeking. Join us for daily yoga and meditation as well as a true path to rediscovering yourself and find the answers to these questions.  


Join Debbie Dixon Life Coach, inspirational speaker, yoga teacher and Author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams” An avid yogi who stumbled into her first yoga class in 1997. Having studied and taught yogic philosophy for many years before being formally introduced to the asana, taking her studies to the mat gave her the opportunity to experience with her own body, mind and spirit, the miracles this practice is capable of creating in ones’ life. Her journey into asana began with Ashtanga Yoga and eventually her passion expanded into Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga. Nine years ago she taught her first yoga class and shortly after she opened (Seven Hot Yoga) a studio/community she owned and ran for over four years.  
She Has been holding “Realizing your Dreams” workshops and seminars for over 12 years now inspiring, motivating people to step outside of their comfort zones and into a life filled with freedom, prosperity, joy, happiness and infinite possibilities. Now she guides people into their own self-discovery everyday as a yoga teacher. She also leads guided meditations and does yoga retreats all over the world. These retreats allow people to use yoga, meditation and her techniques to reconnect with their purpose and deepest desires, the essence of their being, while disconnecting from their everyday routines and finding themselves in a setting of paradise.  
Her ultimate goal is to offer a guide out of the mundane cycle of waking up, working, going to bed and into a passion driven, purpose filled life where wishes are granted instantly, prayers are answered and love, light, peace and happiness exist in every breath. She provides an easy to use instruction manual for creating a life where you are no longer an observer of the life of your dreams but, a participant. 


  •  7  days, 6 nights accommodation at Synergy Retreat Center
  • First night stay at Adventure Inn in San Jose
  • 3 local, delicious, vegetarian meals per day + fruit, coffee and smoothies all locally sourced
  • Guided Yoga Nidra Meditations
  • 2 Yoga Classes Daily
  • Workshops to Deepen and Enhance Your LIFE
  • Fire Ceremony to Release Old Habits and Align with New Opportunities
  • Transportation to and from the Airport
  • Airconditioning + WIFI
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Uvita Waterfall Walk
  • Sound Healing Experience
  • Use of yoga mats and Props


  • Your flight
  • Your meal on the first night
  • Additional excursions


Shared Occupancy


Single Occupancy


Please contact Debbie at realizingyourdreams@hotmail.com for More Information & to Reserve your Spot!